The Spencerhill Festival 2024 on September 6 and 7 in Ilmenau

In 2024 will be a big year; we will celebrate as usual in early September the Spencerhill Festival in Germany, and before that in Italy, in the summer, the big international gathering of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans.

            Two Crime Busters meet their fans. Tribute 2 legends!

Bud Spencer und Terence Hill Festival 2024

2024 will be a big year for our community; the Spencerhill Festival is coming back to Germany! 

After the Italian edition in 2023 the big Spencerhill Family returns to Ilmenau, in beautiful Thuringia, where we will be welcomed with open arms!

The brand new Stadthalle, with its stunning park, will be a mecca for thousands of fans for two full days. The stage will be set up in the main hall, food stands in the park, and mega screens in the two movie theaters.

The multimedia cinema hall will offer an unprecedented sound and video experience on eight large monitors simultaneously. Numerous U.S. Oldtimer -always in keeping with the theme of the festival-will enhance the park, and, as is traditional, there will also be a parade of classic cars through the town of Ilmenau.

An exhibition in the hall gallery will delight you, or you can enjoy the festival in the main hall.  We promise you much, much pure fun. And you know we will definitely not let you down.

Celebrating 2 legends!

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More program items:

  • -Live concerts
  •  Spencerhill films non-stop
  •  VIPs on stage, live broadcasts and interviews
  •  Large beer garden with food and attractions
  •  Spencerhill Wild West
  •  Girotti Ice Cream Shop & St Kilian Whiskey Stand
  •  Beer and sausage contests, arm wrestling, tug-of-war and Bud's Hammer
  •  Awards and tattoo contest
  •  Spencerhill Lounge with state-of-the-art sound effects 
  •  Classic American cars in the Park and in the Spencerhill Parking lot
  •  Family and children's program
  •  Kids area
  •  Official fan-shop

There's something for everyone!

Opening Hours.

Friday:      3 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 02:00 a.m.


Erinnerung Spencerhill Festival 2013

How much does it cost.

Tickets are valid for both days and provide exclusive free access to the festival area in the park and to Spencerhill City Hall Ilmenau.

Overnight accommodations and parking:

Ilmenau offers numerous overnight accommodations and a nearby campground. You can find a list here.

There will also be a shuttle bus to take you to your destination without hassle.


Torna il popolare mezzo di pagamento Spencerhill per cibo e bevande. Quest'anno sarà lo Spencerhill Dollar. Il tasso di cambio sarà di 1 dollaro per 2,50 euro (senza adeguamento all'inflazione). Così potrete pagare ovunque in modo rapido e senza cambi! Non vediamo l'ora di vedere le bellissime banconote!

How to get there: follow directions!




Naumannstraße 22
98693 Ilmenau


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