Back in the day, we didn't expect that this meet would grow into a large event. It was just an attempt to bring Bud Spencer & Terence Hill fans together, because something united them. The movies with the two actors are part of our yearly repertoire, even if they've all been played before. It is always lots of fun to watch the movies together with the fans, among those who know every scene and all the legendary quotes. It's hard to describe the feeling of sharing this experience, where everyone is singing, speaking and celebrating together.

Since 2016, the movies start on Friday, since the doors open Friday midday, giving us more time to design a program. You can also see the solo films by both actors, which were omitted in years before.
On Saturday, you can catch two movies with the duo. Depending on the options and space, we will also show documentaries and rare synchronizations, if we get permission.

This way, each fan will find something worthwhile, and even learn something they didn't know before.
Lots of fun is certainly on the bill.