"The heart laughs when there's food!"

What is not possible are open fireplaces or barbecues, this is not possible on the festival area and in the Spencerhill Camp due to fire protection laws.

It is also not allowed to bring food or drinks to the separate festival area or into the park! If you stay at the Camp you can bring everything you need to survive.

Of course there are the usual stands at the festival with delicious favourite food like sausages, bean stew, fish rolls, burgers and chips etc.,You will find everything you need in Spencerhill City!


We will make available again the fantastic large collectible glasses with our logo, upon payment of a deposit, so as not to produce too much waste.

Thank you very much for following these few rules in order to ensure the safety of all!

1.  Cars are not allowed 

2.  It is not possible to light fires at SpencerHill Camp and throughout Spencerhill City. There is no connection to the power grid

3.  The place for the tent and the parking space are assigned only by Mr. Ormond's assistants.

4.  You can not bring beer and sausages

5.  Deposit of 5 € for a garbage bag pro Person which will be refunded on Sunday when the bag full of garbage is returned

6.   It is prohibited to bring food and drink into Spencerhill City.

7.  Spaghetti, beans, burrito and desserts as well as breakfast are available in abundance inside the campsite and in the Festival area.

8.  Smoking is forbidden inside the cinema, during shows and near the attractions.

9.  The instructions of Mr. Ormond's assistants (Security) must be followed scrupulously

10. Spencerhill City will open its gates on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 4 p.m. Warm up party from 4 p.m. onwards.





The popular collection cups with the stars' motives will be in circulation again as deposit cups, so that we all don't produce so much rubbish.


SpencerHill Codex 2020

A thousand and one thanks, and a thousand and two thanks to you for the consideration!

1. No haemoride swings (Cars!) in Africa - SpencerHill Camp or on the festival area.

2. No open fire in the Africa - SpencerHill Camp possible - No electricity connections available.

3. Parking and tent assignments only by the assistants of Mr. Ormond.

4. Beer and sausages decides... - bringing them is undesirable - otherwise you get a paw...!

5. Garbage bag deposit per tent 5 € in the camp at the helper - refund if you hand it in on Sunday.

6. No brought food/drinks in Africa - there is enough food for you!

7. "I like solid food, I like beans!" Sausages, noodles, beans, burritos and sweets as well as breakfast are plentiful for you at the "AFRIKA Shop" in the camp and on the festival area.

8. No cigars or cigarettes in the cinema, at shows and on attractions.

9. The instructions of Mr. Ormond's assistants (security) must be obeyed.

10. "Very nice and when do we start?" Admission at the SpencerHill Africa Camp starting Thursday, 1:00 p.m. - The Warm-up Party begins at 4 pm.