In the Spencer/Hill Derby, nine fans can ride in parallel on electrically powered horses and have to shoot at targets that appear in front of them with a pistol. The rider with the most hits wins, but of course the fun of the event is what counts.

Detail view

The attraction celebrated its premiere at the Spencer/Hill Festival 2021 in Templin and already thrilled fans there, albeit in a simple western design at the time. For the festival in Gubbio, the fairground stall was elaborately redesigned by artist Ralf Ihlenburg. He airbrushed beautiful Western landscapes with our heroes Bud Spencer and Terence Hill as the recurring leitmotif, while Spencer/Hill fans Gunter, Denny and Matthias took care of maintenance and the technical repair of the equipment. After six months of work, we are now looking forward to presenting the rejuvenated fairground attraction to the fans for the first time at the Spencer/Hill Festival in Gubbio.

Artist Ralf Ihlenburg on horseback