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This map of Gubbio shows the festival area, the tent and camper camp, the swimming pool that all campers can use free of charge, and five numbered flags with the main locations of the series.

Piazza dei 40 Martiri (Square of the 40 Martyrs)

Piazza dei 40 Martiri is not only the home of the festival, it's also home to several filming locations from the series. For example, the town's hospital, which is also the hospital in the series, is located here. The entrance to the emergency room and the main entrance can be seen in many episodes. The large and prominent church of San Francesco, which is located directly in the square, is also often seen in the background. Don Matteo often drives past the church on his way to the hospital. Furthermore, the Logge dei Tiratori, an elongated medieval building with a long portico, is also located in the square. In the corridor are the various market stalls where Don Matteo and Co. shop.

Piazza San Giovanni

The Piazza San Giovanni is one of the main locations in the series, because Don Matteo's church, the Church of San Giovanni, is in this square. Right next to the church is the entrance to Don Matteo's rectory in the series. The square can be seen from almost every angle in almost every episode over the years. Weddings, parades, rallies, and many other things take place in the square. The church of San Giovanni itself, however, was only used for the exterior shots. The interior shots took place in the church of San Marziale, which is located a little outside the city centre.

Piazza Grande

The Piazza Grande is also featured in almost every episode. The police station in the series is located here. In reality, the police building house is the town hall of Gubbio. In the first season, the entrance to the police station faces the street at a staircase. From the second season onwards, it is almost at ground level and faces the balustrade. Both entrances belong to the same building. Opposite the police station is the Palazzo dei Consoli, which is visible for miles around and which in the series houses the town hall of Gubbio. In addition, many other scenes take place in the square itself. The square is also home to the small café where Don Matteo and the Maresciallo often meet to play chess. From the square you have a great view over the city. Don Matteo and Maresciallo Cecchini often chat here about the progress of the investigation.

Bridges in the city centre

Not far from the Piazza dei 40 Martiri, Via Tosci Mosca leads across an old bridge over the small river Camignano to Via Del Camignano. The small bridge, the two neighbouring bridges and the paths on both sides of the small river are frequent settings in the series. Don Matteo often rides his bicycle over the picturesque bridge or walks along the river with the Maresciallo.


Teatro Romano

The Roman Amphitheatre, situated a little to the west of the city centre, is one of the city's main sights and, with the park around it, is a repeated setting in the series. For example, in the episode "Anna" Don Matteo talks to Angelo here, while in "Stato di ebbrezza" he meets Capitano Anceschi and Maresciallo Cecchini here while jogging. In the episode "Paura in palcoscenico", Don Matteo talks to the theatre director in front of the Teatro. Not far from the Teatro was also the refugee camp in the episode "Anna" where Don Matteo, Natalina and Nerino were having dinner when Anna was arrested.

Map data from OpenStreetMap - Published under ODbL